Hello everybody, today we are showing how access to access CMIS content from TYPO3 CMS, which is functionality developed for the ForgetIT Project.

The post is quite hands on, you will need some TYPO3 CMS knowledge to be able to follow the steps.

Our extensions use composer, please install it first.

For the moment we are assuming that you have a local webserver with at least PHP 5.4.X and local mysql database and that you want to create a new TYPO3 CMS installation with our extensions.
Switch to some directory of your webserver and run:

wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ksjogo/6663cd370fc3eb60f9cb/raw composer.json
composer.phar install
touch typo3conf/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL

Which will result in fully prepared folder, additionally you need to set the TYPO3_COMPOSER_AUTOLOAD to true, which can change depending on your shell/server setup:


Start your webserver and do the usual install steps.

After the installation you need to enable the new extensions. Go to the extension manager and enable cmis_service, then enable cmis_fal.

Next you need to configure a root Typoscript template to include the CMIS base settings (cmis_service) values.
Afterwards, add the following to your constants:

plugin.tx_cmisservice.settings.cmis.servers.default.url = [URL]
plugin.tx_cmisservice.settings.cmis.servers.default.username = [USER]
plugin.tx_cmisservice.settings.cmis.servers.default.password = [PASS]
plugin.tx_cmisservice.settings.cmis.servers.default.contentRepositoryId = [ID]

Then switch to the List Module on the Root and add a File Storage.

Enter a name:
Switch to the Configuration tab, set the Driver to CMIS:
Go to Configuration again pick a default repository and a folder.
Save again, then pick a root folder:
Save. You are now able to browse your CMIS content in the File Module.
And use the content like any other local file:

Development is public at Github
CMIS FAL extension CMIS Service extension

We would be happy about feedback.